Exodus is committed for providing the services through all the lawful means of immigration. Our experts
have several years of industry experience ensuring accurate and consistent advice throughout the case
process and we have experience in managing wide range of visa applications. Our focus is always on
providing the highest standard services in a professional and friendly environment.

Our company Exodus International can provide you a complete package of Immigration + Settlement + Placement.

Immigration services

a) Assist the client in applying for assessment of education gained in the native country from requisite
academic and/or professional assessment bodies in Canada.
b) Advise Client on immigration laws in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on
any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.
c) Provide Professional Guidance to the client on his / her intended occupation in the destined country.
d) Prepare, orient and condition clients through Employment Readiness Course for their early
settlement in Canada after the client clears the Interview at the processing visa office or gets Interview
Waiver for immigration to Canada (Specially for the Business applicant or spousal visa cases).
e) Assist the client in preparing a resume in the standard format as required by employers in Canada.

Placement Assistance Services

We refer Service provider organizations (SPOs) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada by following
local health authority guidance to make plans to safely reopen their offices.
Many SPOs are focusing on delivering critical services while offering non-critical services (like remote
language training) by telephone, email or online. Contact your local SPO to see what services they can
offer you; Friendly and experienced settlement professionals can help you

Settlement Services

a) Assistance to book accommodation.
b) Assistance in applying for SIN card in Canada as applicable.
c) Assistance in the opening of bank account and applying for bank debit and credit cards.
d) Assistance in applying for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan Card (OHIP) in Canada as applicable.(Or
the Province nominated for)
e) Information on private health insurance companies in Canada to purchase temporary health
insurance during waiting period of 90 days to get government health insurance.
f) Information on Child and Social Welfare schemes.
g) Guidance for hiring own accommodation and information on rentals and prices.
h) Guidance for admission of children in school/college/university in Canada.
i) Information on public transportation.
j) Information on Income Tax structure.
k) Guidance for obtaining a Driving License.

People looking for job

Get a language assessment (if required)
Register for language classes. (If required)
Find a place to live.
Sign up your kids for school.
Learn about community services.

Why choose canada

Canada Skilled Immigration Programs Express Entry

There are many reasons people choose Canada to live and work, such as: job opportunities education support for immigrants If you want to live and work in French, there are Francophone communities throughout Canada waiting to welcome you and help make your dreams a reality. Watch testimonials from other immigrants who moved to Canada and settled in some of these communities.

Express Entry & Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
  • Immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker
    Bulid a New Life in Canada with Express Entry

  • Each PNP has requirements that are unique to the province or territory. You will have a better chance of receiving a provincial nomination if you have a connection to the province or territory through school or work experience.


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