Exodus is the leading Study Abroad Consultants in Qatar, specializing in overseas education services. Whether you pursue postgraduate study, undergraduate, PhD, MBA or other popular university courses abroad, we can assist you in realizing your career dreams.

  • Apart from the prospect of continue your higher studies at a world class university, there are several different reasons why we strongly believe everyone should study abroad at some point.

    Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of studying abroad is that you will have an opportunity to move to a country where you can have experiential opportunities. For example, if you want to pursue higher studies in marine science, choosing a country such as New Zealand can help get more practical knowledge through real-life experiences. In short, a world of possibilities awaits you.


In a day and age heavily influenced by globalization, employers across the globe are looking to hire professionals having not only in-depth technical knowledge but who are also culturally responsive. Study abroad is definite advantage for students that want to make themselves available in the global market and open up more professional opportunities for themselves. Apart from garnering experience knowledge that’ll help in terms of building your career, studying abroad is an adventure in itself where you’ll be able to mold yourself to handle all situations by yourself and thereby become more self-sufficient as an individual.

We here at Overseas Education Consultant seek to help students that want to study abroad by helping them through each step of the process. Whether it is US, UK, Canada, or Australia, Whether, it is Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree, our goal is to guide students on your journey to becoming a global citizen.

Best consultancy for study in Canada
Best consultancy for study in Canada


Study abroad Canada is a great choice as it is considered as one of the happiest countries in the world. It has become new home to some of the world’s leading universities imparting quality education among international education industry. Besides the top quality education it offers, Canada is a well-developed country that offers international students a ideal study experience during their stay.

  • The Canadian education market is a very safe country with political stability and warm welcoming culture for the immigrants with easy payments of tuition fees. French and English are widely taught as official languages, making Canada a must go popular destination.

    These reasons make Study in Canada a rewarding experience for students in overseas university. Being the best consultancy for study in Canada, we help students to achieve their educational goals effectively and efficiently.

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